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Facts about Zambia

* About size of Texas, population 13 million

* Former Northern Rhodesia, independence in 1964, democratically elected government

* English official language, but 70 local languages

* Life expectancy about 49, median age 16.5

* Unemployment rate fluctuates between 12% and 20%. Average income $380 per year

* On U.N. scale of poverty, Zambia ranks 166 out of 177 countries. About 68% of Zambians live below the recognized national poverty line, with rural poverty rates standing at about 78% and urban rates of 53%

* Economy --mining and agriculture

* HIV/AIDS --13.5% of pop. living with HIV/AIDS. 57% of these are women and 12% are children. 75% of households caring for at least one orphan. A UN report in 2012 has revealed that Zambia has drastically reduced new HIV infections by 58 per cent and achieved more than 80 per cent HIV treatment.

* Basic education free through grade 7, but families must provide uniforms, shoes, and books. Most students drop out after grade 7.











Northern Province

* Geographically largest province, rural, population 1.76 million

* No industries, most people subsistence farmers, some commercial fishing

* Minimal infrastructure, poor roads, great distances between towns, isolated

* Not serviced by most major NGO’s (“beyond their catchment area”)