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 Our primary focus is the Tetekela Day Care Center, serving children impacted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, ranging in age from 3 to 16. Every day the Sisters provide food and shelter, basic education, recreation and social services.


There are 200 children registered and every day about 150 show up. Many are homeless orphans while others live with relatives. Your contributions have made possible two meals a day and a snack for all of them. To attend public school a student must know English. They also must have uniforms so local women are being taught sewing to provide them. Currently 69 of these children are attending public schools, primarily as a result of the financial support HFZ has been able to provide.  Eleven students have recently qualified to attend secondary school, a great achievement.


Other projects to train children for self-sufficiency include animal husbandry (pigs, goats, chickens), farming and sewing.


The agonizing part of this ministry is to have to close the doors at 4 p.m. every day and send the children out, many of them having no place to go but the streets where they are very vulnerable. Plans have been developed for a 50 bed residence which will not only give safe secure housing but a place with electricity so that students can study in the evenings. All that is needed is the funding.

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