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The Sisters

Formed in 1926, the Sisters of the Child Jesus are an indigenous order of Zambian nuns with the motto “Apostles to our own people”, ministering largely in their own language, Bemba. They carry out the work listed below with an amazing amount of energy, faithfulness and great joy. Their Generalate, or headquarters, is located in Kasama, a city of some 200,000, where a small number of Sisters maintain residence.

There are currently 140 Sisters divided into communities in 24 widely diverse places of ministry:

* Tetekela Day Care Center for HIV/AIDs children and youth
* Pre-school
* Primary schools
* Secondary school for girls
* Schools of nursing and midwifery
* Schools for the visually impaired
* Housing for orphans
* Farms
* Rural health services
* Parish ministries
* University campus ministry
* Formation of novices
* Formation of postulants
* Seminary educational services
* Pastoral services
* Social services
* Central administration

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