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How To Help

Will You Help?

You may have been considering how you can help others in this world.  There’s the horrific pandemic of HIV and AIDS, economic uncertainties, malaria, and global hunger and malnutrition.  Where do you start?

We are aware that all of us can easily become overwhelmed with requests to help meet needs in our world and in our community.  It’s difficult to know how to assist, which plea to honor, or how donations will be handled.  None of us wants our donation to be misused or too much to be spent on “overhead”.  When we began Hearts for Zambia (HFZ), we had those same concerns.  You can be confident that financial donations made to HFZ are wired directly from our US bank account to a designated bank account in Kasama, Zambia, accessible only by the three Sisters who manage the programs we support.  The Sisters do not use any of these funds to support the Order.  The HFZ Board voted to keep operating expenses at 5% or below.  That means that 95 cents of every dollar goes directly to serve the children.  However, when donations are designated for food, 100% of that donation is sent.

So start with your heart - we invite you to join us in supporting the work of the Sisters of the Child Jesus in Zambia.

Hearts for Zambia is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of law.